Sensors, resistors and industrial joysticks – Made in Germany by the specialist Metallux AG

Metallux sensors, resistors and industrial joysticks can be found in numerous applications worldwide. The Swabian company has been developing and manufacturing in Leutenbach near Stuttgart for more than three decades.

Metallux AG has specialized in the development and manufacture of sensors and industrial joysticks. The extensive portfolio ranges from pressure sensors and pressure transmitters, linear and rotary sensors to high-voltage and power resistors and industrial joysticks. All products are based on proven thick-film technology, for which the owner-managed, medium-sized company has numerous patents.
The company attaches great importance to the quality and reliability of its products, which are all characterized by high measuring accuracy, excellent long-term stability and a good price/performance ratio.

Extensive standard range and customised solutions
Metallux not only has an extensive standard range. One focus is the development of individual, customised solutions.
Either the customer specifies the desired values and dimensions, for example of a rotary sensor, and Metallux designs the appropriate element based on existing standards.
Or the customer needs an individual, tailor-made product that should be tailored exactly to his application – then Metallux will develop the right solution.
The specialists at Metallux always find a way to tailor a product exactly to an application.


Extensive application know-how
Metallux supplies a wide range of industries. Products can be found in medical technology, materials handling and lifting technology as well as in energy and environmental technology, but of course also in vehicle construction through to construction and special vehicles. A big plus here is the extensive application know-how of the highly qualified Metallux employees as well as the individual and personal advice.

From sample quantities to large series
Metallux manufactures exclusively in Germany: from sample quantities to large series of several hundred thousand pieces. Modern, automated production processes are used. A clean room is just as much part of the equipment as high-quality inspection and testing strategies.

New products
Pressure transmitter MTX-F
Based on decades of experience in the development and manufacture of ceramic pressure cells and extensive application know-how, Metallux is launching a pressure transmitter on the market for the first time. It consists of a ceramic pressure cell with a diameter of only 10 mm and a robust, media-resistant stainless-steel housing and can be installed directly in a wide variety of applications. The MTX-F features a compact, slim design and a low installation height of only 33 mm. Designed for pressure ranges of 0-200 bar, its modular construction offers various options for electrical output signals and mechanical process connection types.


Precision potentiometer POL 790 CAN
The new POL 790 CAN precision potentiometer is ideally suited, for example, for axis position monitoring in special and off-highway vehicles in agriculture and construction. It is extremely robust, precise and low-wear. The encoder, which communicates via the safety-oriented CAN protocol, impresses with its high resolution and very good linearity. The measuring range is an unrestricted 360°. The internal values of the potentiometer can be used for preventive maintenance. Thanks to a CAN bus interface, it can be easily integrated into the data bus, but can also be retrofitted or upgraded.
In a further expansion stage, it is planned to implement “CAN open Safety”, which will further expand the range of applications for the angle encoder even more.



Hand-Joystick MJ-30K
This innovative hand-joystick is designed for precise drive and function control of vehicles, ships and cranes, machines and remote-control applications. State-of-the-art technology, a robust construction and an ergonomic design make it the ideal control element for demanding functions.

Thumb-Joystick MJ-T1
We will launch a new thumb joystick in October 2023. With a total length of approx. 25 mm, a diameter of approx. 12 mm and an installation depth of approx. 13 mm, it is the world’s smallest 2-axis, redundant industrial thumb joystick in Hall technology. And it can be used in a variety of ways: as a control element in hand joysticks and armrests as well as in radio remote controls.

Further products of Metallux
High-voltage resistors
Passive components like high-voltage resistors respectively high ohmic resistors are an absolute must in all applications involving high voltage to safely perform measurement, switching and control processes. Thick-film high-voltage resistors are ideal for this thanks to their wide range of designs, long service life and stability.
The Metallux portfolio is extremely varied. The products are available in various designs such as flat and tubular high-voltage resistors, in various series and as adjustable high-voltage potentiometers.

Power resistors
Power resistors limit voltage peaks that occur when electronic systems are started up and shut down. In this way, overloads can be avoided, and machines can be operated gently. They have a high impulse load capacity, are designed for high temperatures and convert large amounts of energy into heat.
Power resistors are available in two different technologies: wire resistors and power film resistors.
Our portfolio includes both technologies – the optimal solution for every application.



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